family of fourWelcome to Pelham ‘Friends’ No matter what your background or where you are on your spiritual journey – we want to encourage you in a personal relationship with God.
Whatever your past experience of church, or if you’ve never been to a church – we want you to feel at home.   We’re just a group of people journeying together and supporting each other along the way. Sunday mornings include relevant, applicable Biblical teaching, a vibrant worship band that leads us in praise and celebration, and creative multimedia. And of course we are much more than ‘Church on Sunday’. Church happens every day in every place and we believe life is meant to be shared and experienced together, whatever our circumstances.  
[I need your help, for I want not only to share my faith with you but to be encouraged by yours: Each of us will be a blessing to the other. Romans 1:12 TLB]     
Pelham Friends is a place where we seek to dig into God’s practical wisdom for our lives. We strive to be an authentic, transparent and encouraging group of believers and seekers who care for one another, demonstrate compassionate care to our broader community, and discover real purpose for our lives.