New to Friends

I’m not sure church is for me…
That’s ok, questioning and uncertainty is all part of any time of discovery. A place to start is to ask yourself if there a hunger deep inside that you are seeking to fill, or if you have a sense there is something more to life. Do you ever wonder: What am I here for? Is Jesus who he says he is and how can I know for sure? What does it mean for me? We are all at a different place in our spiritual journey and that’s ok. For now, just consider that we were made for relationship – with God and with each other. People tell us we are a warm, welcoming, safe place to be, so come join us as we learn, worship, grow in our faith and support each other along the way.
What can I expect on Sunday?
The service begins in celebration with a live worship band leading both contemporary and traditional worship music. Most people stand (if able) during this time. All the words to the songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the church. You are invited to join in singing praise and giving glory to God. Each service is unique. The teaching time is God inspired with practical life application. The prayers for people, church and community are genuine. Check us out to see what we mean!


I don’t own a suit!
Good – casual dress is welcomed! You will see everything from suits to jeans. Just come and be yourself.
Do I need money?
Like most churches, we take up an offering. If you are a guest, please do not feel an obligation to give – let our service be a gift to you.
What about my kids?
Families are encouraged to come to church together. Children ages 4 to 12 can leave after singing (approx 10:45) and go to Sunday School. Special children’s church is also available for children 2 to 5 year of age. A nursery is available for infants to toddlers up to age three.